Turkish Heating Elements Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish heating elements, Turkey heating elements manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality heating elements from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

KOREL ELEKTRONIK A.S.        Türkiye     Ali ÖZTÜRK    
s aluminium, aluminum, heating elements, cooling elements, rope heaters, foil heaters, tubular heaters, flexible rope heaters, roll-bond evaporators, tube on sheet evaporators, exchanger units, refrigerator exchanger units, evaporators, exchangers, heating element, cooling element, rope heater, foil heater, tubular heater, flexible rope heater, roll-bond evaporator, tube on sheet evaporator, exchanger unit, refrigerator exchanger unit, evaporator, exchanger, bicycle, city bike, kid bike, aluminium bicyl, wheel, aluminum profiles, aluminium profiles, frames, automotive, cooler, white goods, bicycles, rim, accumulator, silencer, muffler, deep freeze, factory, frame, white goods parts, aluminium tube, export, serpentine, bike, cycle, producer, bikes turkey, bikes, aluminum tube, road bike, cycles, dacron, mountain bike, alloyed aluminium tube, coil aluminium tube, copper fin, aluminium bicycle, cross bike, corelli, seat post, handle bar, trekking bike, fat bike, aluminium bicycle frame, folding bike, double suspension bike, gas ramps, bicycle factory, aluminium factory, export bicycle, copper evap&condanser, formed tube, grooved tube, multi channel profile, powder coated aluminium sheet, tube end forming, rollbond evaporator, assembled heating elements, bicycle, e bike, e bicycle, e-bikes, e bike frame, bikesturkey, robot aluminium welding, fahrrad, aluminium fahrrad, aluminum frameset
DINCEL ELEKTRO MEKANIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa DİNÇAY    
s heating elements, resistances, heating resistances, foil resistors, resistors, door resistances, compressor resistances, heating bands, mutable resistances, heating element, resistance, heating resistance, foil resistor, resistor, door resistance, compressor resistance, heating band, mutable resistance, heating cable, drain-line heater, heating cord, compressor heater, foiled heater, resistance, resistor, heating coil, electrical resistance
RADEKS RADYATOR LTD. STI.        Türkiye     burcak cellat    
s aluminium radiator, chrome radiator, electric radiator, heating elements, mild steel radiator, mild steel towel warmer, radiaor valves, stainless steel radiator, stainless steel towel warmer, towel rails, towel warmer, valves, wooden towel warmer
BALCIK ISI ELEMANLARI A.S.        Türkiye     Elşan    
s hot plate, thermostat, heating elements, hot plates, thermostats, heating element
s irons, steam irons, industrial irons, professional irons, steam electric irons, home type irons, home type steam irons, industrial steam irons, ironing machines, pressing machines, steam ironing machines, steam pressing machines, boiler type steam irons, irons with boiler, steam irons with boiler, irons for textile, irons for garment, irons for dry cleaning, irons for tailors, irons for wedding suits, irons for laundries, irons for technical school, irons for military establishment, water pumps, solenoid valves, fans, ball valves, contactors, pressure switches, ironing tables, silicone hoses, heating elements, irons turkey, steam irons turkey, industrial irons turkey, professional irons turkey, steam electric iron turkey, home type irons turkey, home type steam irons turkey, industrial steam irons turkey, ironing machines turkey, pressing machines turkey, steam ironing machines turkey, steam pressing machines turkey, boiler type steam irons turkey, irons with boiler turkey, steam irons with boiler turkey, irons for touristic facilities, home type boiler irons, home type steam boiler irons, home type irons with boiler, home type steam irons with boiler, iron spare parts, iron accessories, steam iron spare parts, steam iron accessories, seam opening steam electric iron, steam electric iron anodized base, ironing tables with boilers, narrow ironing tables with boilers, wide ironing tables with boilers, ironing tables with armports, narrow ironing tables with armport, wide ironing tables with armport, ironing tables with swivel arm, ironing tables with vacuum air blowing, ironing tables with chimney, ironing tables with light, ironing tables with balancing system, die cast iron heating element, microswitch connections, lid of rear cover, teflon shoes, thermostate, trible connectors, hose nipples, plastic steam protector, iron covers, bracket for iron handle, plastic parts for iron, rear covers, spotting guns, air steam guns, level regulators, boiler probes, water level relays, boiler resistors, boiler resistances, stainless boilers, upper covers, bottom covers, boiler bottom bakalites, iron resting bases, thermoplastic front panels, silicone hoses for iron, iron fans, rocker switches with led, switches for foot pedal, safetl valves
ARABCO FOR TRADING AND AGENCIES        Mısır     Shaimaa Hatem Saif    
s air conditioning, components, heating elements, home appliance, insolations, spare parts, white goods, components
JIANGSU CHANGHENG GROUP CO. LTD.        Çin     witty liu    
s thermostat, ksd thermostat, thermal overload protector, pressure switch, pressure valve, drain pump, compressors, centrifugal blowers, heating elements, evaporator, condenser, solenoid valve, expansion valve
SAFI REZISTANS IMALAT SANAYI        Türkiye     Safi Rezistans İmalat Sanayi -Safi YILMAZ    
s heating element, heating elements, industrial heating element, industrial heating elements, resistance, resistances
ANHUI ANZE ELECTRIC INC.        Çin     sarah shi    
s home appliance spare parts, home appliance components, heating elements
SAHTERM HEATING ELEMENTS        Türkiye     Faruk Şahin    
s oven heating element, oven resistance wire, heating element wire, heating resistance wire, heating elements, oven heating resistance, heating elements for oven, heating elements for white goods, white goods parts, white goods spare parts, oven spare parts, oven parts, oven heating parts, oven heating spare parts, radiator, radiators, boiler, boilers, home appliances parts, spare parts for home appliances, parts for small home appliances, electric parts for home appliances, industrial kicthen equ, resistance, resistances, tubular heaters, tubular heater, oven heater, oven heaters, electrical heaters, seramic heaters, open coil, dryer heater, washing machine heater, spare parts, heating element, sauna heater, quartz heater, oven resistance, oven resistances, steam generators, oven accessories, white goods accessories, industrial kicthen equipment parts, industrial kitchen heating, electrical coal burner, small home appliance parts, tumble dryer heating, full size oven resistance, heating element for home appliances, heating element for kitchen equipments, heating element for industrial kitchen equipments, dryer heating element, heating element for dryers, heating element for kitchen appliances, full size heating element, heating element for oven, heating elements for electric ovens, range heating elements
AKDENIZ MINERAL KAYNAKLARI A.S        Türkiye         
s heating elements, magnesium compound, mineral insulated cable, catalyst, fuel additives, catalysts
ENGIN REZISTANS KABLO TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Şenol ENGİN    
s heating cable, heating element, heating cables, heating elements, glassfiber insulated cables, silicone insulated cables, fluoropolymer insulated cables, cartridge heaters, nozzle band heaters, mica insulated resistance heaters, ceramic insulated resistance heaters, air cooled heaters, crankcase heaters, underfloor heating, underfloor heating systems, snow and ice prevention systems, heat tracing, heat maintaining, pipe heating, cartridge heater, underfloor heating system, silicone insulated cable, underfloor heatings, glassfiber insulated cable, fluoropolymer insulated cable, nozzle band heater, mica insulated resistance heater, ceramic insulated resistance heater, air cooled heater, crankcase heater, snow and ice prevention system, heat tracings, heat maintainings, pipe heatings