Gas Liquid Fuel Scotch Boiler TSSG Series

It is designed to meet the heating needs of the residential, workplace, greenhouse, shops and similar facilities. It is ideal product for cold geographies. Capacities between 30,000 and 2,500,000 kcal/h are available. It is suitable for liquid and gas usage, long life and high efficiency. It balances the heat difference and shows resistance to high pressure. The boilers are subjected to hydrostatic pressure test. TSSG Model has 3 passes and it is bundled between passes. The boiler body is painted with heat resistant boiler paint and it is insulated with glass wool which covered with galvanized sheets. The fuel cap is insulated with fire resistance concrete stand up to 1000° C. The covers are produced as double-walled and heat insulation is applied between the walls. On-site manufacturing is carried out at factory standards. Welding operations are performed by our certified welders according to WPQR. It has ISO, CE (2016/426/EU), (2014/68/EU) and TSE certificates. 2 years warranty.
Gas Liquid Fuel Scotch Boiler TSSG Series
  • Gas Liquid Fuel Scotch Boiler TSSG Series
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